Navarette uses the sash that was given by Dee as a weapon for defense. It’s a makeshift whip that it becomes a very handy tool. Despite him hating Dee and Dee trying to kill him, the sash is a very personal item to him. Losing it would be worse than death to Navarette.


  1. If this looks familiar, I used the “Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie’s Revenge” cover for reference since that was the closest image I could get to a whip in motion.
  2. Navarette, I consider, has two faces. One is the over-used troll face for when he’s in romantic and silly situations, then the serious face for when he’s facing something dangerous, got hurt, or being fearful. I prefer the serious face since there’s rare occasions for when he doesn’t act like a manipulative horndog.
  3. My father mentioned in one picture he looked like Jack Skellington, but to me here he looks like Cary Ewes. So… He has Prince Humperdinc’s voice’s outfit from Nightmare Before Christmas and Westly’s face. That’s all kinds of messed up. XD

-Minespatch out.)